New Home Stage Inspections

New Home Stage Inspections are designed to monitor vital stages of construction and to identify any defects before they become covered up.

We will ensure your builder is building in accordance with the approved plans, current Building Regulations, Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Typically we will recommend four inspections:

Pre-slab Inspection

A Pre Slab Inspection is an overview of the building preparation works to discover defects, omissions or poor building practices.

Typically we will carry out visual checks of the slab in relation to boundaries, levels, completeness of reinforcing, installation of termite protection, site drainage during construction, site security and safety and location of plumbing penetrations.

Once the slab is poured defects may become covered up or poor drainage may cause subsequent foundation problems.

Frame Inspection

A house frame is designed to carry vertical building loads and to resist lateral wind forces. Our Frame Inspection will identify bracing defects, point load defects, and generally if there is a sub standard of workmanship or failure to comply with current building regulations or the approved drawings. We are constantly amazed at the number of framing defects missed by incompetent building inspectors.

Pre-Plaster Inspection

Having a Pre-plaster inspection gives you the final chance to discover defects before becoming covered up with plaster. Typically we will check on work carried out since the frame approval and look for damaged building elements. A Pre-Plaster Inspection includes a visual check of services, preparation of wet areas and final set out of walls and if wall straightening is adequate. It may also comment on the standard and quality of the brickwork.

Pre-Final Inspection

Our Pre-Final Inspection checks building works for completeness, quality of workmanship, compliance with current building regulations and accordance with the contract.

Following a visual inspection we will check that the building works have been constructed in accordance with the approved plans.

We provide a FREE THERMAL SCAN of all walls and ceilings for roof leaks, missing insulation and/or gaps in the ceiling insulation.


We highly recommend contract checking before signing to ensure the your interests are protected.

The consultation will include a review of your contract, approved plans and specifications just to ensure that what you want is included, to ensure the contract is not unfairly loaded and to check on provisional sums, PC items and site costs that typically can blow out.

You will also get to become familiar with the building process and know what to expect and how to proceed with confidence. It may also lead to renegotiation of some items before you sign the contract or the inclusion of special conditions, for your benefit.

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