Timber Pest Inspections Melbourne

A Budget Reports Timber Pest Inspection will inform you of any timber pest related issues and detect evidence of active or past damage (Termites & Borers).

Our Timber Pest Inspection is assisted with specialised tools and equipment including the latest technology in thermal imaging and moisture detection equipment.

Our Inspection will identify issues, that increase infestation risks and will recommend modifications. Our timber pest inspection covers: Termites, Borers, Wood Rots & Fungal Decays.

All Budget Reports property inspectors are qualified, accredited and insured to carry out Timber Pest Inspections at the highest level.

A thermal scan of the building is provided with all timber pest inspection bookings for detection of live termite activity, water leaks and dampness.

After the inspection your timber pest consultant will give you a verbal summary of the inspection findings before your comprehensive written reports are prepared and emailed out.

A Budget Reports Timber Pest Inspection will provide you:

  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the building internally and externally (everything within 50m of the boundary of the building will be inspected).
  • A comprehensive written report that complies with Australian Standards AS3449.2 as provided by our insurer.
  • Overall Risk assessment of the building.
  • Latest technology utilised during inspection.
  • General advice on preventative measures.

Did you know:

  • Your home insurance will not cover you for damage caused by termites.
  • Statistics show approximately 1 in 3 homes Australia wide will be attacked by termites at some stage.
  • A brick veneer building can be attacked by termites as there is a timber frame in the cavity behind the wall / ceiling linings.
  • The timber frame of a brick veneer building is what carries the loads of the building.
  • A home that has a concrete slab can be attacked by termites just as easily as a building on stumps or piers.

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